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Three AMAZING Cold Summertime Soups

Three AMAZING Cold Summertime Soups

Gardens are being planted, perennials are blooming, and the weather is heating up. The big question is what to serve for lunch or a light supper? Cold Soups are a great option but many people don’t think beyond vichyssoise.

These three great chefs will plant some seeds … in your head, that is.

You might recall our friend, Victory Armory, a lovely chef who’s Spanish heritage never fails to bring new tastes and elements to the table – here with a twist on gazpacho.  Valerie Murray  from The Daily Meal offers us an English cold pea soup option and Viviane Bauquet Farre from Food and Style.com‘s elegant, but hearty recipe that answers the question – what do you do with your bumper crop of cucumbers?



Lettuce Gazpacho

Victoria Armory

Lettuce Gazpacho - click for recipe


With the overabundance of lettuces from my garden, I have made this cool and refreshing Lettuce Gazpacho, ideal for summer meals as it involves no cooking. It is perfect for those summer days when being in the kitchen is not a good plan but you still need to feed the group.

I use low-fat, plain yogurt as it yields a finer and thinner consistency and it fits with my “skinny delicious” plan. This bright green soup is so delicious it seems impossible it could be good for you, too. The flavor of crisp romaine lettuce is freshness itself and the creamy consistency of yogurt is the perfect base. I also make this soup using other greens like baby spinach, watercress or arugula. Strain it through a medium sieve to make as smooth as velvet. A sprinkling of fresh herbs as garnish enhances the green palette.      Click for recipe

You might want to serve this along with Victoria’s  Clams with Chorizo. With a loaf of crusty bread this can easily be the perfect light summer supper.



Chilled Pea and Mint Soup

Valerie Murray

Cold Pea and Mint Soup from The Daily Meal


Peas are coming up and there are other things to do with them besides serving them as a side dish.

From The Daily Meal comes this classic English Pea and Mint soup.   Recommended accompaniments?   The DM Editor, Valerie Murray says:

a ploughman’s lunch of cold cuts, cheese, and pickles, or as a meal itself served with some Stilton cheese crostini.  

Click over to get the recipe and find six other cold soups recipes recommended by The Daily Meal!




Chilled Cucumber and Yellow Pepper Soup with goat milk yogurt and pan-roasted shishito peppers

Viviane Bauquet Farre

Chilled Cucumber and Yellow Pepper Soup with goat milk yogurt and pan-roasted shishito peppers - click for full recipe


Viviane Bauquet Farre, a fashion designer turned Chef, originally came from a French island in the South Pacific where she learned how to cook with her mother from the ripe old age of six.  You can imagine the combination of flavors she brings to her online food magazine,  FoodandStyle.com  which is fully stocked with great recipes, photographs and many videos.  Her site speaks to the lifestyle of food and drink.

For an elegant cold soup, this recipe will fit the bill.  Besides, have you ever wondered exactly what to do with that bumper crop of cucumbers you get  every year?  This is your answer.  The recipe.   This could be a wonderful summer lunch served with breads, a platter of cheeses on the side and perhaps a watercress salad.

Viviane’s recipes have been featured in forums as diverse as BonAppetit.com, Vegetarian Times, and Saveur.com (which also crowned Viviane’s site one of the “Best of the Web”). She holds an Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Limited.


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