Winston V Morrow

My name is Winston and I was born and raised in New Hampshire. I reside in a peaceful little town in Carroll County known as Freedom.  As long as I can remember, I was always either building something, taking something apart, or tinkering with things – along with climbing trees, running, swimming, digging … Well, you get the idea.  I’ve always had a fascination with how things work and a love for cars, trucks, planes – just about anything with moving parts.

I can still remember the day my father sat me on his lap and let me “drive” his old 1974 Toyota FJ40. For me, that was a masterful leap from the Matchbox car era into reality, regardless of the fact that, even perched on his lap, I found it hard to see over the steering wheel, let alone reach the pedals. I was hooked. Fast cars, loose women, easy money, what a life … No, wait, that’s something else.

As I grew and became more confident, my brother and I would race lawn tractors around the big field and quite frequently get the thrill of driving my grandfather’s “old red truck”, a 1962 M37 weapon’s carrier. Fast forwarding a bit, I went to college to learn more about automotive science, and from there spent many years in multiple aspects of the automotive world.  Along the way I married a wonderful woman and was blessed with 4 beautiful children.  These days I still love to tinker on various projects, but one of the most interesting things is that I have the privilege of test driving many different makes and models of vehicles.

This isn’t without purpose mind you.  My mission is to generate print stories that are informational as well as fun to read about the latest cars on the road.  You never know, I might just write something about a car that catches your fancy.

Thanks for reading and happy motoring.