by Sandra Goroff


I was rummaging through a box of my mother’s old letters, papers and photos, when I came across a picture taken on the occasion of my sister’s eighth grade elementary school graduation. The color was faded and the photo was blurry but it mesmerized me. It was, like an old handwritten note found, a deeply personal and emotionally charged glimpse into the past. There were some surprises.

reading old photographs

Sandra Goroff’s photo of her family.

As I examined the photo, I began to see things I had forgotten. I had often told a different story of what my childhood was like.

My father must have taken the photo because he was the only one not in the group. I am posing for him; flirting, with a coquettish turn of the head and a shy smile. My aunt Mary is holding my hand and my older sister behind me to her left, has her hand on my shoulder. I look embraced and protected. My mother, whose life was not always happy, looks chic;-her hair was dark and her head held up – her posture was elegant and proud; she, who suffered from acute anxiety, looked very calm and very much in control. Some fifty years later, this faded, blurry little photo changes some of my perceptions and takes me to a place of greater understanding and forgiveness.

I revere the medium of photography and am drawn to scenes and subjects that I find emotionally charged and stirring. I have concentrated on framing, focus and composition as well….and at growing as an artist, photographer and person. I had not imagined that photography could be such a powerful force. This goes way beyond the images that I take and post.  Reading old photographs is a reminder of our past.


Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things….long after you have forgotten everything. Sandra Goroff


Sandra Goroff is a long time art and literary publicist nationally and internationally. Her passions are photography, art, antiques, watercolor and design (fiance Burt and cat, Benjamin). She has worked with such notable talents such as : Colin Cowie, antiques and collectibles expert, Judith Miller, Garrison Keillor, Maurice Sendak, Chris Van Allsburg, Clive Cussler, Tom Peters and Newbury Street (Boston) Art Gallery. Sandra Goroff is represented by the fine art gallery Walker Cunningham. For more info


Look for Sandra’s photography book, Solitary Soul, by Lorimer Press.