When Your Smart Phone Doesn’t Do the Trick: Finding a Portrait Photographer


A little bit of a different blogger shout out today – this one is for all of you who would like beautiful photos of your family, friends, or an event with a professional photographer and are always wondering two things:  Where to find one that is good and what kind of photos do you really want.


Finding Your Look

Besides finding the best photographer, you should have the kind of look you have in mind when making your choice.  The following three photographers are stand out’s and might give you a few ideas of how you want to record those special moments in your life.


MikiFoto:  New York Metropolitan Area

Mallika Malhotra of MikiFoto is a storyteller.  She specializes in portraits: child, family, tweens, teens and business branding.  She is a fun, exciting and an inventive photographer who makes photos come alive.

Recommendation:  Everything she does is good. We think she is a stand out with her Teen Glitter Party Package. It’s a great gift for your teenager to capture her bff’s on film or for a special Sweet 16 party.





Jill Bean Photography: McKinney Texas

We love Jill Thompson of Jilly Bean Photography.  She ‘gets it’.  She has a portfolio featuring shots that tell the story of her subjects.  In years to come, folks will look back on her pictures and not only remember the when, but they’ll remember how they felt at that time of their lives.

Recommendation:  If you need a photographer and you’re in the Dallas area, you’ve found your photographer.


jilly bean


Chris Lang Photography:  Wilmington, NC

Chris Lang  has a great way of approaching headshots. The days of Jailbird Mug Shots are gone. Chris gets the job done not only taking wonderfully attractive portraits but capturing the the person’s personality in it at the same time.

His portfolio has it all – weddings, family, lifestyle, sports and his stylized black and whites are going to blow you away.

Recommendation: If you are in the area -you might want to check him out. The guy is good.




Finding A Photographer


The internet’s a great thing, isn’t it?  We’ve got some sites you can hop on and search out photographers in your area.


  • Find your look
  • READ those endorsements and recommendations
  • Find out pricing before you make your shoot date
  • Be prepared the day of the shoot.  Have all of your clothing picked out, makeup done – professionally if necessary – and for goodness sake, get some sleep the night before. Yes, they can photoshop out those black circles under your eyes, but look your best nevertheless!



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