A fresh, exciting look created on old worn wood has arrived in wall design.

Reclaimed and recycled, PLANKPRINTS is an economical and environmentally responsible wall covering.  Besides that, it looks awesome!


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Stikwood, the innovative company that created the peel and stick 100% wood plank wall covering just came out with another new concept, Plankprints.  A series of historically based designs printed on Stikwood planks, Plankprints offers a creative weathered look that enhances walls, cabinetry or doors.

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Historically Inspired

While touring the historic 1926 Ca’ D’zan Mansion, the home of John and Mable Ringling founders of the Ringling Brothers Circus in Florida,  Stikwood co-founder and master woodworker, Jerry McCall viewed an area that was under restoration.  It was there he spotted some old woodwork with wood grain showing through age worn painted designs. Captivated by the look, McCall was inspired to recreate something similar, hence, Plankprints was born.


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How it’s Made

Plankprints and Stikwood are made from 100% reclaimed wood, sourced from old barrel staves, old fencing, distressed oak and recycled woods. Plankprints’ historically inspired designs are imprinted onto the wood planks where at times, the reclaimed Douglas Fir or Weathered Wood (intentionally) surfaces through the prints.  The digital imaging process uses non-toxic inks that are later cured with light which creates a  completely free VOC-free process. With no odors involved, this becomes the perfect product to use when dealing with children’s rooms, commercial spaces or allergy free interiors.

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The biggest challenge in creating a  Plankprints wall is to choose the wood gradation and designs so they flow harmoniously.  However, therein lies it’s beauty as each plank has its own unique features and every wall will be different and interesting.  Other than that, a wall will require a half a day, a ruler, pencil and hard 3″ roller to flatten down the boards evenly.  See the video below for a simple how-to install lesson.


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Where to Buy:

Go to Plankprints where you can order directly online.






About Stikwood

Stikwood was created as an answer the wood plank look for walls without the work, expense and heavy materials.  It is made of 100% real wood planks cut so thin that it is easy to handle and apply. This keeps it cost effective to ship while as well as being environmentally responsible.  It is made to apply to flat surfaced walls, ceilings, cabinets and doors but is not suitable for outdoors or flooring. It can be installed in traditional planking style or you can create your own geometric pattern. It is perfect for commercial installations and is quick and easy to install without after odor.








How to apply Stikwood and Plankprints … so easy!

STIKWOOD | HOW-TO from Franklin Pictures LLC on Vimeo.