When kitchen designer, Susan Serra first saw this space it was two rooms. The family had been living in the home for a couple of years and had wanted to get the feel of the space before making any decisions (always a good idea). They knew one thing right off the bat.  They wanted to trade their dark  20th century kitchen in for a light, bright and spacious one.


Country kitchen

Photography by Eric Roth – Kitchen Design by Susan Serra CKD


“The kitchen was a 1970’s style with a small island, laminate counters, cheap wood. It was like the Brady Bunch’s kitchen, orange and brown all over,” said Serra. “The family wanted an updated traditional look with great details and a good work flow since both husband and wife loved to cook. More than anything, they wanted storage and an added item on their wish list – a built in television.”

Serra gave them what they wanted plus more.


shot 6 dining room



The island top is teak from Vietnam that has been treated and shipped out of Denmark by Kobenhavn Design. It is not varnished but soaked and rubbed in oil to bring out the hardworking and durable surface that only increases in beauty as it ages. Maintenance is soap and water for wash up and every six months a good rub of teak oil.

Pyrolave, a gorgeous crackle glazed counter that is a glazed Volvic lava stone made in France is used for the sink counter. It is paired with a series of tiles from Walker Zanger that gives the kitchen that rich, traditional attention to detail.

Pyrolav and Walker Zanger tiles


The custom cabinetry was made by Quality Custom Cabinetry. The upper cabinets reach up to the bottom of the molding. An added layer of cabinets was added with Craftsman styled windows keeping the space light and interesting. Serra excels at cabinet design that is highly functioning, beautiful and packed with storage.

shot 4 oven shot


Think of white as a foundation color. The beauty of using it is that you can accessorize and change colors to get a different look. The tiles and counters are there to stay, so select them wisely, but the apple red chairs and curtains and wall color can be changed out. If the homeowners wanted, they could change the look to blue and get a whole new look.

shot 2 sink area



The original kitchen

The BEFORE kitchen


The What’s Great List
  • Serra’s foremost thought in design is function.Susan Serra
  • The island was designed as the center of the kitchen and for multiple uses:  breakfast, a cup of coffee, kids homework after school and to keep Mom or Dad company while they’re cooking up a storm.
  • This kitchen dining area is used for family dining and casual entertaining
  • The built in hutch houses all the good china
  • The chandelier gives it a finished ‘dining room’ feeling.

About Susan Serra

Susan has been a leader in the kitchen design industry for years.  She is widely acclaimed for her work and involvement in the industry. She is a kitchen designer, consultant and has her own brand of cabinetry, Bornholm Kitchens

Click here for more information about Susan or to contact her.


Kitchen Designer:  Susan Serra CKD –
Cabinetry:  Quality Custom Cabinetry
Refrigerators:  Sub zero
Ovens:  Thermador
Teak Counters:
Crackle Glazed Counters:  Pyrolave
Chandelier:  Gracious Home, NY
Curtain Material:  Brunschwig & Fils
Tiles: Walker Zanger