We all know Ralph Lauren, that iconic leader who has interpreted and created classic fashion and home styles based on wealthier lifestyles over the centuries.  Whether it is sailing, polo, hiking, travel or safari, his clothes are coveted and his style speaks quality.

It is no wonder that there is an online magazine bearing his name that talks about so many Ralph Lauren inspirations.   RL Magazine, The Luxury Lifestyle Journal  has been around for over two years and is accessible through his site (under World of Ralph Lauren).

A quarterly publication, you can expect to read articles about travel, lifestyle, people and of course, fashion. You might think it is all about using his products in the content of articles, but that is not so. Not at all. The articles are rich and informative accompanied by stellar photography.  It is a stand alone magazine and it’s fabulous.

You will enjoy reading this. Promise.


Go take a look:

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