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This is beyond a great foodie website and you are going to want to take a little time and explore it. You will be meeting chefs that don’t normally appear on blogs other than their own. They are here because of the quality and integrity of this great resource. This is all about the passion of the foodie lifestyle. The recipes are beautifully presented by the chefs. They are done in a step by step fashion so you can follow along very easily. The best part is their app (paid) is available for you to download and follow along while you are cooking in the kitchen.

There is a part of this site that is free – take a look, enjoy, putz around.   There are many free recipes and chef video tips that you will love to discover.

There is a paid part for $19. a year and you get so much more:

Unlimited access to:

  • 100+ hours of foolproof video recipes by celebrity chefs

  • New step-by-step cooking videos added every week

  • Genius tips and kitchen hacks that chefs swear by

  • Mobile app for iPad & iPhone, so you can take Panna anywhere

  • Ask the Chef, our hotline for expert kitchen advice

  • Instant, easy-to-use shopping listfor mobile devices



For example, learn how to make the perfect Gin Martini here from Jim Meehan.


celebrity chefs


Gruyere Mac and Cheese by Anita Lo

Gruyere Mac and Cheese by Anita Lo - celebrity chefs