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The Daily Basics is the brainchild of former Better Homes & Gardens Regional editor, Cynthia Bogart. After photographing, styling and writing about homes for 18 years, she began to give a lot of thought as to what those houses really represented. There was so much more to them than just a perfectly styled house, (which, for the most part, only looked that way after being styled and propped).  It was about the people who lived there, what they did, how they cooked, traveled and lived their lives.  They were ‘home base’ for some pretty interesting lives.  The Daily Basics was inspired by them and our content became a daily shot of ….  decorating lessons,  recipes, travel, lifestyle, car reviews and a Blogger Directory where we practice the Kumbaya Principle by highlighting a different blogger weekly so our readers can discover other great sites without having to scour through the internet.

We’ve recently added a magazine into our content.  You can locate it under The DB Mag or if you are a subscriber, you’ll receive updates about it in our weekly newsletter.  It is here that we show off our heart and soul.  Interesting, original articles are carefully crafted to give you, our reader, a ‘magazine’ experience.  It is where you can pull out your tablet and cuddle up on the couch and read the issue cover to cover.  Our mantra here  is ‘cultivating traditions’ and that can mean bringing back the old or creating the new.

Cynthia leads a well-rounded team of contributors are experts in their fields, not just writers, who offer a diverse spread of content through out the site.  Make sure to click on their names on their articles and posts to find out more about their interesting fields and their own websites as well.

Here is what we believe in:

  • Food: We like to know where it is comes from; fresh & local; farm to table, nose to tail, stream to plate.
  • Exercise: We don’t. We do sports.
  • Travel: A journey of discovery to enrich your life.
  • Home & Garden: Repurpose, restore, resurrect. All with a modern twist.
  • Drink: Savor every sip.
  • Entertaining: Do it a lot and do it with style.
  • Money: Control it. Make it work for you.



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