Create a Craft & Homework Room

Create your own Craft Room. If you are like most people, you have your gift wrapping paper shoved in a closet or under the guest room bed and your kids do their homework on their bed or in their rooms.
Karin Lidbeck

Christmas Wrapping and Decorating Ideas

For each of us our Christmas trees are a reflection of our individual tastes and imaginations, but with each tree that I designed I looked for a inspiration story or a theme that would inspire some holiday magic in others.

Facebook Your Living Room: The Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is having a moment, and it looks like it’s going to be a long one. There is nothing like a personally curated gallery wall. In these days of social media when it seems that everyone is a photographer and a writer, now everyone can be their own designer as well.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Whether you are building a new kitchen, renovating or simply applying new storage concepts into your existing kitchen, these clever kitchen storage ideas will give you pause for thought and maybe change, as well.

The Best Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Decorating has captivated American hearts and you'll find people living, eating and sometimes even sleeping outside. Mitzi Beach has her top picks for summertime summer living here.