Six Mushroom Soup

I am using 95% fresh mushrooms and dried porcini. There are 6 varieties of mushrooms in this soup which helps make it so extraordinary!

Homemade Tapenades

Fresh green and black tapenades are the perfect way to begin an evening of entertaining! Both have very different flavors are are so very, very French!

Flora’s Spicy Spareribs

Flora’s Spicy Ribs, Travers de Cochon Fermier au Miel et aux Epices, was developed by a fabulous women chef in Paris had the great idea to not let all the rib meat go to Pate.

Bone Warming Minestrone

It's the right mix of texture and flavor that softens the impact of a cold midwestern night... A steaming soup is the perfect thing!

Choosing The Right Pumpkin to Cook

There are so many really good pumpkin recipes, the real secret to cooking anything with pumpkin is the… pumpkin. Choose the right pumpkin and cook your own. You will never buy canned again. Plus two pumpkin recipes!

British Chef Valentine Warner

Valentine Warner, British Social Media Giant (he's 6'3") learned how to hunt, fish and cook from an early age. He shares his favorite things with us here
Brussels Sprouts

Quick Pickling Saves Summer Sanity

Many of our grandmothers canned and pickled every summer, to make use of every carrot and cuke they grew. My grandmother smoked and played golf. If only she knew about quick pickling.
pea salad

Summer Pea Salad!

There is nothing like fresh peas in the early spring or late fall. To really savor the taste,use them as the main ingredient in this fabulous Pea Salad!