The 1770 House East Hampton Front Entrance Photo Credit John Musnicki

Historic Hamptons DIning

The Hamptons have many fine restaurants but few have the history combined with fine dining and elegance such as The 1770 House in East Hampton.

The Luxury Safari

Upscale travelers are conscience of the footprint they leave behind and are gravitating more toward conservation Safari experiences .

The Vacation Lifestyle

The choices that enable us to live this 'vacation lifestyle' at a relatively young age flow from a few basic principles. We aggressively fund our savings, keep operating expenses small, make targeted capital expenditures, and eschew traditional careers. We focus on enjoying life now - while we can. See how y

5 Reasons to Visit Montauk, N.Y. This Summer

If your idea of the perfect summer vacation means walking miles of pristine shoreline, sunset cruises, reeling in a prize catch, feasting on fresh seafood or meditating to the sounds of surf, then Montauk, New York is your destination.